You Were Healed

The revelation of the will of God for every believer. 

I have met ministers of the Gospel who theologically did not believe healing was for today, until they got sick. One former pastor I met was from a more traditional, fundamentalist denomination that did not believe any of the gifts of the Spirit were for today. He had believed that healing was something God demonstrated only in the first century to launch His church, but was no longer in operation in the dispensation of today’s modern church. I met him in a hospital where he was battling against cancer. I commented that I didn’t think he believed in divine healing. His simple heart felt response was, “I do now.”

Here is a clear and simple presentation of God’s will to heal everyone. Based on the revelation of the Scriptures from both Old and New Testaments, the author unfolds God’s desire and God’s means for the healing of the body.

Sharing some of his own fight of faith for healing, Pastor Wendell exhorts believers to embrace the Bible truths of divine healing for sickness and disease. he gives very practical steps that can be taken for a person to find healing from God.

Here’s a book you can lay beside your bed and read it every night to remind yourself of the life-giving promises of God and the power that is available for you today for your health and healing.

Media Information

  • Author Wendell Smith
  • Length 100
  • Publisher The City Churvh
  • Formats Paperback
  • Language English
  • Themes ,

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