Women in Ministry: A Biblical Study & Position Paper

Women have always been used mightily by the Lord. Under the New Covenant the Bible says there is no longer male or female in Christ Jesus. Most people would agree that women can be used by God in ministry. Usually the only discrepancy is whether or not a woman can be an elder, a bishop or an overseer of a church, i.e. serve in a church governmental role. The debate has long stirred up sides regarding a woman’s role in church and ministry.

  • Some denominations will allow women to teach certain classes or courses as long as men are not present.
  • Other groups demand that a woman be at least 38 years of age before they teach and even then only teach younger women.
  • Some denominations ordain women but don’t allow them to be elders.
  • Some commission women to missionary leadership roles, but do not allow the same women to function as a minister in their own native country.
  • Some church groups will allow women to minister or exhort but not speak from the pulpit.
  • Some have a higher pulpit for men and a lower pulpit for women.
  • Still others do not ordain, license or even allow women to speak from the pulpits of their churches

Most churches recognize the proper place of ministry for today’s women. Some are bold enough to encourage them to step up to their God given call to ministries including preaching, teaching and healing. But a certain level of contention or debate usually occurs over whether or not a woman should be an elder and help rule in the church. It becomes a conscientious decision. Let every man, every church, every pastor, be fully convinced in his own mind. But for those who fully release women into all that God has for them, there remain untapped rewards that will assist the church of the 21st Century into new levels of fruitfulness, effectiveness and anointing. When the church of the new millennium uses the entire anointed army of God to assault the gates of hell, there will be a greater loosing of the unified power of God and a greater harvest of souls.

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