The Prayer Class

When God gave us His Word, He gave us His communication to us in a written form.  The Holy Spirit makes it come alive as we read it and the scriptures can speak to us on a daily basis and give us guidance.  It becomes the voice of God in our hearts and minds.  But every disciple must also have a means of communicating back to God.  This is what prayer is.  God has so designed His kingdom that those who dwell on the earth have an ordained means by which they can communicate with the invisible, spiritual God of heaven.

It is the Lord Himself Who designates prayer as the means by which this expression takes place.  Throughout the Old Testament, the patriarchs and the prophets all communicated to God via prayer.  In the New Testament, even our Lord Jesus Himself spent much time in prayer, communicating to His heavenly Father.  It is the way God has chosen for humans to reach God.  The early church apostles not only taught on prayer, but lived lives of prayer as they walked out the commandments of God to take the message of the Gospel around the world.

It appears that God does nothing unless His people pray.  It is not difficult.  It is not complicated.  It is simply talking to God.  It is expressing ourselves continually to the Lord and making our requests know to Him.  Thus, knowing how to pray and how to express oneself through this simple means, becomes of one of the primary tasks of every Christian disciple.

Pastor Wendell Smith

This work is copyrighted by the Wendell E Smith Foundation 2017.

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