Pastoring 101

Pastoring people is not difficult. It simply requires love for people, and sensitivity to the Lord who loves them even more! A little bit of care and concern goes a long way in ministering to people. Some tender loving care, some words of encouragement, a gentle touch on the shoulder, a few minutes of undivided attention and some warm kindness- all minister life to others.

As you receive this training on how to be more effective in helping to care for the members of our church, we pray that the Lord will birth some things in your spirit. We trust you will grow in your ability to relate to people and to love them in effective ways.

Thank you for investing your time and life and energy in the well-being of the Lord’s church- His people. The pay is slim, but the rewards are wonderful! Your efforts in serving the saints of God will be fulfilling and gratifying as you partner together with your Pastors and the Holy Spirit to edify the church and help us reap a great harvest of souls for the name of the Lord Jesus.

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