What Love Is & Pastor Wendell Announcing New Alderwood Campus (11-04-07 @ Plateau)

Join Pastor Wendell Smith as he announces the new Alderwood Campus and teaches how to walk in love with others as Jesus walks in love with us.
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Announcement of a new City Church Campus – The Alderwood Campus!

What Love Is!
1. Suffers long – not easily offended
2. Kind – to be mild and soft spirited
3. Doesn’t envy – not hatred
4. Doesn’t show off – doesn’t take the credit
5. Not proud or puffed up
6. Doesn’t behave rudely
7. Doesn’t seek it’s own or crave it’s own way
8. Not easily irritated – not worked up
9. Thinks no evil
10. Doesn’t keep track of wrongs
11. Celebrates right/good things
12. Bears all things – covers all things
13. Believes all things – things are just going to work out
14. Hopes all things – happy anticipation of good
15. Endures all things – fear is never from God
16. It never fails

Supernatural Love
– Patient in bearing offenses
– Does not boil over with hatred
– Does not show off
– Not puffed up
– Does not behave rudely
– Does not seek its own
– Covers faults and sins
– Has a spirit of faith
– Anticipates good
– Never fails

Natural Love
– Impatient and easily offended
– Hot-headed and envious
– Desires attention
– Proud or cocky
– Rude and selfish
– Self-centered
– Exposes others’ faults
– Negative and unbelieving
– Expects the worst
– Never works

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