Honor to Whom Honor is Due

Learning to Honor the People in our Lives

If you watch the news, television shows or other online media, honor is tradition of the past. Constant name calling, blame shifting and over the top offense rule the day.  The Bible has a very different message for us – give honor to whom honor is due – even if we don’t agree with opinions or actions.  We hope you enjoy some of Pastor Wendell’s thoughts and notes on Learning to Honor the People in our Lives. – Bill Sanders Executive Director of the Wendell Smith Foundation.

Honor your Father and your Mother

Whatever your parents did, they gave you life. Some people, still live in bitterness over the negative ways they were abused by their parents and refuse to show them respect.

The Glory of Old Men

Grand parenting is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.  Someone said “If I had known being a grandparent was this good, I would have skipped having children and had my grandchildren first.” The love one has for a grandchild is beyond any love that a human can experience.

Entreat Your Elders

I have watched young men and women say they want to be successful in ministry, but show absolutely no respect for older people.

Not Many Fathers

You are standing on someone’s shoulders.  You came from some spiritual womb.  You were birthed, helped, aided, mentored, taught or tutored by someone.  You owe someone big time!  Somewhere, in the person of someone, you have a spiritual father or mother. 

Receiving Prophets

If Jesus came to your church and the pastor received an offering for Him, what would you give? Your answer to that question will determine how you honor ministers of the Gospel.  Guest speakers and men and women of God who give their lives for the work of the Gospel, should be blessed by our generosity.  To the degree that we respect them, or honor them, we give financially.  Let us reverse that statement.  To the degree that we give financially to bless a minister of the Gospel is to that degree we truly respect or honor them.  This is the basis for the word “honorarium”.  It is a love offering that expresses our appreciation for their ministry.

If we want to receive the prophet’s reward, then we must give honor to the prophet.  Can we imagine having Jesus come and minister at our church, heal all our sick, preach the Good news, teach us the revelations of the Kingdom of God, cast demons out of the afflicted, and then leave town with barely enough means to get him to his next meeting?  Me neither. Jesus said, “inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto Me.”

Husbands Love your Wives

I recently watched a young man enter a restaurant to eat with his wife.  He could not have been over thirty years old. When the Hostess was seating them, he walked two or three paces ahead of his wife toward his seat. He missed an opportunity to show honor and love by allowing her to walk in front of him or by taking her arm or hand; relishing the rare moments he will spend alone with the woman he vowed to cherish and love.

Wives Respect your Husbands

Ladies, you must know that the way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach, it is through his ego.  Sorry to say, but every man needs respect.  If you don’t show your husband respect, there will be problems.  When the two of you were dating, you spent countless hours looking at him and staring at his eyes, his shape, his face.  You had a gaze of admiration that attracted him to you.  He loved you for it.  He needed it. In you, he found a woman who not only attracted to him physically, but also fed his emotional and mental ego-system.  It may not sound very spiritual, but a man needs to be respected and admired. Don’t forgot your opportunity to honor your husband by looking at him with admiration.

Obey those who are over you in the Lord

I believe children should never call an adult by his or her first name. Instead, parents should teach children to use Mr. Mrs. or Miss. It is a sign of honor and respect. Likewise some churches and ministers have taught their people titles are not biblical or right and that we should just call our Pastors by their first name.  I disagree. If you love your Pastors, give honor where it is due. Also, honor them in tangible ways so that they don’t worry about money.  Make sure they are paid well.  Their primary concerns should always be for you and the welfare of the church, not if the bills can be paid this month.  Those who labor in the Word and doctrine, are worthy of double honor!

Obey your Masters in the Lord

The Bible tells us plainly that those who employ us are worthy of honor, respect and obedience; and an honest day’s work. You cannot pick and choose the employers you will obey.  They Bible tells us to even respect and obey belligerent and unreasonable bosses.

Honor the King

The Bible tells us to honor the King because of the office he holds and the honor the office deserves. We should pray for our President, members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, and people in government service. Some things to pray for would be that they are humble, compassionate, wise, shrewd, and just. We should pray for their families and children and for God to give them the strength to not give not to the lures of power and greed. 

Submit to every Ordinance of Man

I have always felt that the law is for the lawless and since I am not, that perhaps at times the law does not apply to me.  I count myself as one of the good guys.  However, laws are there to protect all law-abiding citizens- and at times protect us from ourselves.  In cases of civil law where we are required to respect and honor the police or the military, the Bible is clear.


– Pastor Wendell Smith



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