Founding Pastor’s Charge to New Lead Pastors (Part 2)

Position Leaders All Around to Help You

We charge you to raise up many other leaders under your ministry—captains over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. Like the mighty men of old who rallied around King David, may the Lord give you loyal men and women of renown and gifted disciples of skill and grace to help you. And may they surpass you in different ways and cause you to rejoice in their success. May you send out anointed and dynamic apostles to pioneer many churches and ministries around the world; May you raise up discerning and wise prophets of God who will speak with clarity and insight in difficult days that lie ahead; may you commission true New Testament evangelists who will proclaim the original Gospel to the ends of the earth with signs following; and may you train many compassionate pastors and biblical teachers to strengthen this house and other local churches and help equip tens of thousands more.

The Overcoming Church

Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit tonight, we do warn you and the other leaders who hear these words tonight: that the days ahead for the Overcoming Church will not be easy, and there will be great adversaries and voices lifted against the Church and an evil spirit of anti-Christ that will seem at times to dominate the world. But don’t be afraid, the Lord will be with as He was with the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace, as He was with Daniel in the den of lions, and as He was with David against the champion of Gath. And the power and presence of the Holy Spirit will be with you as He was with the early church,

And the more they trouble you and persecute you—the more you will prosper and the more you will grow. Churches committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the guidance of the ever present Holy Spirit, and who faithfully preach the Word of God, will be both persecuted and blessed. For the Lord is raising up a powerful overcoming Church who will overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb the word of their testimony and my not loving their lives even unto death.

Great Success Will Come Upon You

This church, and these kind of churches cannot be stopped! Hallelujah! Praise His might Name forever. You will have the anointing of New Testament apostles to know how to speak a word in due season, how to shut the mouths of lions, how to answer the debates of fools and how to silence mockers through sound doctrine and godly character.

You will also be given favor with your brothers and sisters in the wider Body of Christ to stand together in the unity of the Spirit and speak peace to those who mistakenly wage war against the wrong opponents. You will called peacemakers in the Kingdom of God.

You will be given Holy Ghost discernment as well to be able to protect the household of faith and family of God from evil men and seducers and those who would attempt to bring error into the Church. Authority will be granted to you and all those under your authority to stand watch, stand guard and protect with dignity the true people of God.

But the signs spoken by our Lord and His prophets will surely begin to formulate as clouds on the horizons of your time. Do not be afraid, but lift up your eyes and rejoice that your redemption draws near.

Judah Will Go First

Judah—The scripture says, “Judah will go up first”. You are called to lead with authority as a chosen apostle of these times. You will operate as the Holy Spirit enables you in prophetic gifts, the boldness of an evangelist, with signs and wonders following; and the mercy and compassion of a true shepherd. Your ministry will become known for the spirit of Grace and many will admire and emulate, and follow your ways and the good fruit will fill many orchards and vineyards in other fields.

Chelsea—you will have strong gifts of words of wisdom and leadership and inherit the discernment of your mothers. You will have a gift of mercy and be a peacemaker who will help rule the house of God wisely, with prophetic anointing, and with great grace for prayer and gifts of healing.

We admonish you both to speak with all authority—and let no man hinder or forbid you. Speak courageously to your generation and compel them to follow you. Call people to Christ—to repentance—to the original Gospel of Grace— to change—to growth—and to miraculous deliverance!

Thousands will flood these and other altars to find Jesus and the reality of faith! Call your generation back to Jesus Christ and the truth of the Bible—preach the Word—to Seattle, to the Northwest, to the United States and to the world through every means possible. The roads to the ends of the earth have been opened up afresh for you—design your 21st century vehicles and travel down these highways through the doors opened by the Holy Spirit.

A Great Harvest of Souls

People of every language, color and background will hear and believe and turn to faith in Jesus Christ! You stand at the modern threshold of the greatest harvest of souls in the history of mankind. You and others of your generation will be raised up as supernatural shepherds that will bring literally hundreds of millions of new Christ followers into the Kingdom of God in your days. And your own children and grandchildren will help you reap this immense harvest of souls. The church worldwide will grow exponentially and lavishly, beyond anyone’s expectation. But those who believe that’s it’s possible (like Abraham simply believed the uncountable stars would be his seed) – and those who believe in this harvest and embrace all the diversity and peculiarity that comes with it—will grow suddenly and explosively—and the venues will not be able to contain that which the Lord send. Church buildings will move to schools, schools to civic centers, centers to stadiums, and stadiums to fields, until everywhere we look, lights will glow and cities and towns will be set on fire from heaven. The stars of the heavens will manifest on the earth. The God of Abraham Himself will surely bring these great promises to pass. You are children of that promise. Don’t waver in your faith. Stand strong and still and see what the Lord will do!

– Pastor Wendell Smith (September 2009 Installation Service for Judah and Chelsea Smith at The City Church)

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