Foundations in Parenting (Part 10) – Understanding Your Unique Child

Understanding Your Unique Child

Last week, we looked at getting to know our children better. God created them as unique beings and it is our responsibility to help them grow into those individuals. This week, let’s learn how to better understand the uniqueness of our children. Below are six helpful areas to broaden our perspectives.

Unique Physical Characteristics and Growth Patterns

Be aware of insecurities, especially those imposed by a worldly and temporal value system. When you are aware of how your child views themselves, you can help your children have a biblical perspective of their body.

  • How does your child view their body image?
  • How can you help your children have a biblical self-image?

Unique Personality and Temperament

No one temperament is better than the others. We must value our children’s inner self and help them develop self-control. Areas that are the most frustrating in small children are usually the areas where they will be the strongest: leaders are labeled “too loud and stubborn,” thinkers are “too shy and quiet,” sensitive and loving kids are “too emotional.”

Unique Emotional Makeup

Children have different emotional responses to the world around them. Some perceive our love through our actions, some through our time, some through our words, some through our hugs. Some are hurt by what people say and others by what people do. Some are motivated by praise and others by rewards.

Unique Learning Styles

Not all children do as well in an academic setting, but that doesn’t mean they are unintelligent. Every child is gifted in certain areas, and those should be celebrated and developed. We must help our kids learn and grow as God designed.

  • What are your kids’ personality strengths?
  • How are your kids’ emotional needs and reactions like yours?
  • How are they different?

Unique Talents

God has given our children a propensity towards certain things, and we must help them identify and grow in those areas. Children need us to give them both the opportunity and the ongoing motivation to become all they can be. They will thank us for it when they are older.

Unique Calling

God has a greater plan for our children than we could imagine. He created them to serve and be a blessing to the world in specific ways. Every character trait, every gifting, even every experience they go through will help them achieve that potential. We don’t force them to live up to our dreams, but rather we do our part to train and prepare them, then step into the background and allow them to do His will.

  • How do your children learn best?
  • How can you identify your children’s gifts?
  • Will your children develop their gifts without your help?
  • Can children know the calling God has for their lives?
  • How can we as parents help them discover God’s will?

Thank you for taking the time to understand each child and bring out their best.

You will grow as you help them grow.

–  Pastor Gini

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