Biblical Guidance for the Lead Pastor: Intercessors


Welcome to Pastor Wendell’s newest blog series: Biblical Guidance for the Lead Pastor. Over the next few months, Pastor Wendell will share 40 years of ministry wisdom and experience on numerous leadership categories. This slightly edited text was originally written as a Pastor’s Briefing to Pastors Judah and Chelsea Smith upon their promotion to Lead Pastors of The City Church. The wisdom contained within these posts are biblical, practical, proven, and sincere. Our prayer for pastors is that you too would lead a life beyond reproach as a godly example to the flock over which you have been made an overseer.


Therefore, I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, Timothy 2:1 (NKJV)

Our church is founded on prayer and the prayer meetings we schedule are top priorities.  Intercessors abound in every church and it is a very powerful and legitimate ministry.  We need countless numbers of people giving themselves to prayer for the church and all our ministries and church departments.

But a major key that has helped us over the years has been having chosen and select intercessors who pray for us personally.  They must be people you trust implicitly and people who can keep confidence.  They can never share with others the details you share with them.

My only concern is don’t be too gracious with your intercessors in letting them pray like they want.  Train them to pray for you the way you want.  When the intercessors pray over you, they should pray for you and your needs. It should help you feel good and stir up the anointing.  This is like a spiritual massage and not meant for the people.

A few things you should consider doing:

  • Create a “New Intercessors” Training Manual
  • Assign intercessors to each campus
  • As Lead Pastor, personally select your intercessors
  • Establish a weekly corporate prayer time, ideally a Saturday night prayer meeting, to pray for you and people attending services the next day
  • Develop a preaching –prep card that reminds you of what to focus on right before you go up to speak.

An example of a Preaching Prep Card could include:

  • Preach the Word. It will work in people’s hearts
  • Be strong in your grace!
  • Be yourself, don’t compare
  • The anointing abides with you at all times- stir up your gifts what are in you
  • You can do this- you can do all things!
  • We will have a church of 100,000
  • Grace grows the Church
  • Everybody is with you- ready to follow
  • Lord take me on Holy Ghost tangents of your making
  • The Holy Spirit is my partner- “C’mon Holy Spirit, Let’s do this!”
  • Smile!


Intercessors are crucial to your success. You need mature, trustworthy Christians who will pray for your specific needs and help stir up the anointing. You will want them to be there for you when challenges and opportunities present themselves. They are indispensable.

– Pastor Wendell

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