Pastor Wendell E. Smith and son Judah


In 1992, the Lord directed Wendell and Gini to pioneer a church in the Seattle area—The City Church.  So, with the blessing of their Pastor and the elders of Bible Temple, they ventured north with their two teenage children and a small team of 21 people, to establish a place to make God famous.

From the very beginning, the good hand of God was upon Wendell and Gini and The City Church.  They located in a retail mall in the international district of Bellevue, Washington, where he began to preach prophetic, life-impacting messages.

Truly Good News!

The church grew to 100, and then to 400, then to 700. People wandered in looking for a sale on books and some stayed to meet their Savior! Wendell’s heart beat with the heartbeat of God for souls and for the building of a healthy body of believers who would carry out the great commission for generations to come. He desired to see multitudes saved, but he didn’t want a crowd—he wanted a family.

The Holy Spirit breathed creativity and concepts into his mind and he mapped out strategies and ideas enough to keep a small army moving forward building the kingdom of God.

Our God is a Good God

Time and time again the Holy Spirit opened doors of opportunity and granted favor as the church grew and prospered under Wendell’s visionary leadership. No matter what he preached or taught, one main theme carried through: God is a good God; there is nothing too difficult for Him; and God will prosper you if you will serve His purpose.

Our hope and prayer is that Wendell’s enduring legacy will bring revelation truth to the areas of prayer, worship, God’s glorious church, prosperity with a purpose and health and healing in your life.

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